Supported Devices

What mobile devices and VR headsets are supported for running a mobile VR app experience?


Apple iPhone X  


Apple iPhone 8

         Very Good

Apple iPhone 7


Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S8


Samsung Galaxy S7


Google Pixel 2 XL


Google Pixel 2


Google Pixel


Google Pixel XL


Before inserting your phone into a VR headset:
  1. Remove any plastic packaging attached to lenses or other parts of the VR device and/or mobile phone.
  2. Clean your mobile screen and VR lenses for best visual quality
  3. Remove any phone case before inserting it into a headset. Removing its case will keep it cooler and also enable it to properly fit into the headset.
  4. If your mobile device doesn't have a compatible audio jack, use an adapter or bluetooth headphones.
  5. When inserting the phone, make sure it is centered in the headset to avoid a disoriented view.

Google Daydream*


Zeiss VR One Plus**




*Google Daydream supports any phone with at least a 1080p display between 4.7 and 6 inches

** ZEISS VR ONE Plus supports smartphones with display sizes between 4.7 and 5.5 inches and users can wear their eyeglasses as normal while using the headset.

*** Google Cardboard supports smartphones with display sizes between 4.0 and 7 inches.

WARNING: If a phone overheats, take it out of the headset to cool. 
WARNING: In cases where prolonged use is expected (trade shows, recruiting events, etc.) plan to cycle out phones to prevent from overheating. When headsets aren't in use, lock the phone to prevent battery drain and overheating.

See also recommended device requirements.

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